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Kazakh Language Arabic to Latin Font Converter

This transliteration tool was built for translators and researchers of literature, news articles, philosophy and history written in the Kazakh language using Arabic fonts. It is not 100% accurate, nor is it meant to be. It requires the researcher or translator to type or paste the Arabic font Kazakh language piece in the left hand box below and it will be rendered to a fairly accurate Kazakh language equivalent in Latin font to the right. From there, simply copy and paste the contents of the right hand box and CLICK HERE.
On the new page, paste the contents of the clipboard in the left hand box, and you will have a rough rendering in Kazakh Cyrillic fonts. The result will allow a translator to decipher the meaning of the article enough to create a finished and edited piece in Kazakh or any other language.

Type or paste Arabic text in the box below:

Latin font result in the box below: