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Film, Television and Advertising Industry Translations

Leneshmidt Translation Services LLC has over 18 years experience in translation of subtitles, voice over, voice over direction, localization of advertising campaigns, television features and news translation in the language pairs of English, Kazakh and Russian. Our many film, television and avertising clients include Avon (chief translator in Russian and Kazakh languages for the Avon television and print advertising campaigns as well as voice over director in the Kazakhstan market), Hewlett Packard (chief translator for film and print media Kazakhstan market), Universal Movie Studios ~ NBC Television Studios (adaptation, translation and audio voice coach for actors speaking lines in Kazakh for the television series "My Own Worst Enemy", starring Christian Slater), Fisher Price (chief audio editor for Fisher Price, Kazakhstan market) and National Geographic Television.
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Kazakhstan offers many unique locations for the film industry. We have a wealth of actors and film technicians here. With our knowledge of film industry terminology in the English, Kazakh and Russian languages, we offer translation services for on-site filming and audio recording as well as coaching actors in the three languages.
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