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Kazakh and Russian Translation Services

Kazakh and Russian Translation

Leneshmidt Translation and Media Services is a boutique translation service offering certified, specialized, high quality technical translations of English, Russian and Kazakh languages.
We offer many free translation tools for desktop computers on our main website which
you can view here. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer when using our free translation tools.

English, Kazakh and Russian Dictionary

Over 455,836 terms, phrases and words. Below is the original fully functional free on-line compact glossary and dictionary.

Language Resources

All of our tools and resources are free. These tools are intended for use by students and professional translators working on desktop computers rather than hand-held devices. However, you are welcome to use these tools on your hand-held device by following the links below. By visiting our desktop website version, you will have free access to even more resources that we offer.

· The Leneshmidt English, Kazakh and Russian Free Audio Phrasebook

The free online audio phrasebook offers hundreds of written and audio pronunciations of common terms in English, Kazakh and Russian.

· The Leneshmidt Kazakh Language Free Cyrillic to Latin Font Converter

The Government of Kazakhstan has decided that the use of Cyrillic fonts will be phased out and replaced by Latin fonts by the year 2020. If you would like to begin learning the new system for the Kazakh language we offer the Kazakh language Cyrillic to Latin font converter.

Contact Us

Our email is [email protected]